Kier Genesis 2-3-16

EPR expand territory on Kier’s Genesis housing contract

Following a period of meeting our customers delivery standards, EPR have been selected to cover additional territories on Kier’s 10 year social housing contract with Genesis.

Graham Warby commented “Due to EPR’s ability to provide a rapid 12 day turn around on void repairs and testing, we are able to help ensure that the property is ready to house new tenants in the shortest time possible”

“The latest upgrade to the EPR app ensures that Electrical Installation Condition Report certification is uploaded directly from site with no delays for the customer”

EPR look forward to further expanding our territory with Kier and exploring other avenues in the social housing and property asset management sector.

For all housing enquires please call Robin Bell – 0845 500 84 86 (ext 2) -

Eliminating the need for temporary accommodation

When a typical summer flash flood hit southern England, dozens of houses were subjected to low level flooding.

With speed being of the essence, power was needed to start the dryers, restore power to homes and bring policy holders lives back to normal in the shortest possible time.

With EPR’s innovative approach to flood damaged properties, homes were more than simply “isolated and safe” - Water damaged electrical accessories were replaced, heating systems re-instated, customers advised of which appliances were safe to use and a general health and safety check up was made of the electrical system.

With a thorough assessment of the electrical system carried out, testing and on site report completed, the policy holders mind was set at ease and they were able to remain living at home – Eliminating  the need for temporary accommodation.

Following our visit the policy holder commented: “Thank you for attending so quickly, I really wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of having to stay in a hotel away from home”

Response EPR - Always there in an emergency

Business interruption claim minimised

When a fire broke out in a large mixed use building in Birmingham, restoring power to the unaffected areas and temporary power for the clean up operation was needed within the shortest timescale possible.

The building consisted of accommodation, numerous small business’s, a youth centre, community rooms and offices which were an essential part of the local community and people’s livelihood. With operatives on site within 4 hours of the instruction, the assessment of the damage began without delay.

With a challenging situation and outdated electrical system to deal with, EPR’s electrical technicians set about the task of identifying and isolation the damaged circuits, installing temporary supply boards and testing and reinstating power to the unaffected areas.

Liaising with the energy suppliers to reinstate the main electrical cut outs, power was restored to the unaffected areas within just 4 days of the incident. Another rapid response from the team at EPR.

EPR – Always there in an emergency

Working right behind the services

During the winter of 2013 – 2014 over 6000 properties flooded in which was Britain’s wettest winter since records began. With fresh rain unable to flow away naturally and the ground already saturated many streams and rivers burst their banks and flooding homes.

With the help of specialist pumping equipment supplied by the armed forces and the fire brigade the flood water was eventually pumped away allowing policy holders back into their properties.

Working right behind the armed services EPR drafted in additional electrical technicians experienced in dealing with flooded properties to assess the situation and supply power for the clean-up operation.

With the electricity boards “head” (picture below) full of water and the power isolated in the street, the situation needed EPR’s experience to move the clean up along. We contacted the electricity suppliers on the policy holder’s behalf who deployed an engineer to dry out the head, reconnecting within just a few hours.

Within hours of our technician arriving on site, the power and lighting was back on, strip out work had begun and drying equipment installed.

“I had no idea that the power had even been turned off until you arrived and I wouldn’t have known where to start without your help. Thank you, at least we can get started now.”
Mr & Mrs J


Factory up and running again following intense fire.

When a small but intense fire broke out in a large Essex factory, Belfor called in EPR to supply temporary lighting and reinstate power supplies.

With the factory making significant loses every day and the urgent need for lighting for the clean up operations, a team of EPR electricians were deployed to site within just a few hours to assess the situation.

Within 36 hours 30 x temporary fluorescent fittings had been installed, this enabled the clean up teams to commence cleaning and various specialists contractors to begin working on repairing machinery and plant.

So impressed by the professionalism of the EPR service, the management of the factory further requested that our teams stayed on and completed the complete electrical refurbishment of the entire lighting system and power supplies to all machinery.

We are proud that to this day, EPR continue to provide upgrade work the the whole factory group.

Response EPR Ltd. “Always there in an emergency.”

A quick response, saving costs for insurer

Miss B, a policy holder from Oxford experienced an escape of water from an upstairs bathroom flooding the utility room. On the ground floor the recessed lights had been damaged and the water had tripping out the power circuit feeding the heating system, fridge, freezer and tumble dryer.

With no heat in the property and the fridge and freezer contents beginning to defrost it was a matter of urgency to reinstate the power and carry out emergency repairs.

Local fire and flood restoration specialists Chem Dry Dirtbusters, a regular client of EPR added the instruction to the EPR job tracking system at 8am and EPR swiftly deployed an emergency electrician to site by 11am.

With new transformers fitted to the lights and power reinstated, the fridge and freezer contents were saved along with the potential for a contaminated BER claim for the Bosch appliances. The heating was also quickly reinstated allowing the policy holder to remain comfortably living in the property.

“I’m really pleased with EPR’s quick response. I really didn’t want to replace my appliances or lose the contents of my fridge and freezer. Thank you for coming to my aid so quickly.”

Miss B Oxford


Safe power provided for the clean up process

On Christmas Eve 2013 The River Beult and River Medway, in Yalding, Kent, burst their banks flooding hundreds of homes, closing roads and leaving many policy holders without power.

Family owned public house, The George, was one of those affected, with up to two feet of flood water devastating the ground floor and submerging much of the electrical system.

With Prism Networks due to begin strip out and drying works on 27th December, it was imperative that safe, usable power and lighting was available when the drying technicians arrived to start work.

Working right behind the power supply engineers, EPR’s electrical technicians worked tirelessly through the Christmas period to provide two Residual-Current Device (RCD) protected temporary supply boards and reinstated the lighting in the large scale pub.

“Having EPR install two temporary supply boards and reinstate lighting prior to our arrival was a godsend. We were able to commence work from the minute we arrived on site.”
Mark Aston, Prism Networks Operations Manager